When you receive your item the fur may appear slightly flat, but as soon as you begin to use the product the hairs will return to their original volume and regain its beautiful natural look. To speed up this process you can brush the hairs gently.

Please note that since is a natural, each item is unique are therefore variation in tones and colors may vary from the images found of the products on our website.

In order to clean any fur product please seek the service of a professional fur cleaner only. However, from time to time you should hang your product in a location where it is sure to get some fresh air as natural materials such as fur needs to breathe.


- Avoid exposing your items in direct sunlight for an extended period of time as this can damage the fur.

- Be careful with bag straps, seatbelts etc. rubbing against the fur, because this might cause wear and tear on the pelt on the fur

- If an item with fur gets wet, shake the item and then hang it up to dry in a dry location. Do not try to heat your item as this will damage the fur. Once the fur has dried simply shake the item or brush it lightly with your hands.