Wool coats are versatile and are a worthy investment for your seasonal wardrobe.

These clothing items are a strong fashion statement, a symbol of luxury and sophistication, and can last you for years to come. There are a lot of reasons why wool coats should be a part of your seasonal fashion collection. These can range from their natural waterproofing abilities, their impressive insulation, and the warmth they can give you even in the harshest weather. 

Regardless of your style, budget, and climate, Nobel Copenhagen’s vast collection of high-quality wool coats means you can always find a layer that suits you.

The richness of wool appearance

Our wool coats and wool clothing, generally, have a richness and appearance that can only be matched by a few other fabrics. The thickness, depth, and texture of the wool fabric are unlike any other. This is why we have a variety of wool coats that can be anything from thick to hairy, coarse, lightweight, and smooth to the touch. Want to experience what this feels like? Just get one of these incredibly beautiful wool coats from among our vast collection. 

Perfect warmth and protection

In the face of chilling weather, our wool coats will do an excellent job of holding the heat in. The wool coat’s fine hairs will trap heat close to the body where the body’s heat can warm it. So while you’re still looking as glam and as stylish as your wool coat can be, your level of comfort even in harsh weather will be second to none. 

Water splash? Don on your wool coats?

Maybe you’ve never thought of it, but wool coats are also highly water-resistant. Untreated wools are usually waterproof, and fine wools, as well still provide a reasonable level of protection against splashes of water. 

This is usually down to the absorbent nature of wool fibers. They are typically able to soak up as much as 20% of their weight in water before anything can leak through. 

Incredible resilience

Our wool coats will hold their shape and will last you a long time. 

You’ll want to hang these coats though rather than trying to fold them. This is because of the nature and tendency of wool to take a shape and hold that shape. Allowing folds and creases to take shape may require some work and time to get these out. 

But then, wool coats from Nobel Copenhagen are made from tough fabrics that will hold up and resist patches longer than most other fabrics would. Our wool coats are super resilient and will last you for years to come. We never can tell; you may even be able to pass it down to the next generation.

What are you still waiting for?

Shop our collection of high-quality wool coats to find your perfect fit. 

Nobel Copenhagen wool coats are a blend of both luxury and practicality. They will be well worth the investment and efforts if you consider the style, protection, and more that these coats offer.